People drive business.

We know what drives people.

Our story started in 1894.

People are complex. That’s what makes motivating them fun. For many years, we’ve been all about inspiring teams and businesses to accomplish their most ambitious goals. That’s why an intricate understanding of improving human performance through behavioral science has long been an integral part of our company’s mission.

We’ve spent the past 75 years as a global leader in the industry, helping our clients attract, engage and retain talent through recognition and rewards programs. More than half of the Fortune 100 offer an experience that Maritz has helped craft, while more than 470 million people participate in our client programs around the world.

We’re not stopping there. We’re ready for what’s next.


We don’t rely on convention or custom.

Instead, we’ve evolved with experience. We’re using behavioral science to drive innovation and insight, creating employee experience programs that shape the necessary habits and mindsets to drive business success.

Every client solution we develop begins with three questions:

How are we doing?
Where are we going?
How do we get there?

The solutions that answer these questions are informed by the work of the Maritz Field Research Collaborative, designed to bridge the gap between theory and applied practice. We partner with a wide and distinguished network of scientists, academics, business leaders and practitioners focused on human behavior.

Together, we tap into what’s next, using neuroscience, psychology and behavioral economics to develop strategies and design recognition programs to motivate your workforce and change the direction of your business.

Thought leadership that sees things differently.

Employee engagement will always have an important role, but it’s better seen as a metric. It is not itself the objective. Rather, the end goal now is a complete and positive employee experience that leads directly to business value—your business value.

The success of your recognition program isn’t fully measured by utilization, but by the effect it’s having on your key business drivers, such as revenue, retention and profitability.

That’s why the future of shaping culture, performance and individual patterns of behavior will require a focus on innovation and an outlook centering around the employee and his or her needs: the sum of the evolving beliefs, feelings, artifacts, knowledge and people that make up the employee experience.

In other words, it requires insightful thought leadership. Take a look at how our team of experts sees things.

Attract. Engage. Retain.

Let’s get started.