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This Week in Employee Engagement: May 11, 2018

Here’s our weekly roundup series to help you stay connected to the often overwhelming landscape of employee engagement thought leadership. Start here to narrow down your search each week!

What We’re Reading This Week:

How Great Leaders Model, Enable and Encourage Emotional Agility — Effectiveness in our jobs demands that we’re able to quickly adapt to change, examine plans and, when necessary, swiftly shift gears to take new directions. Unfortunately, this harried, task-oriented work environment often creates a rigid culture where management becomes focused on results at the exclusion of employees’ well-being.

Engage Your Employees By Being a RebelWith research showing that much of the American workforce is not engaged, it’s no question that we could all take a pointer from those companies who are shaking things up. In this article, 60 different stories are shared, from companies big and small. Three common approaches that these “rebel” companies use are identified and discussed.

Although each is different, these rebels do have some things in common. Their strategies make them stand out as rebels and help them make a difference to their employees.

How (Not) to Engage Millennials Everyone wants advice on how to engage the Millennial generation. As you may have found, there’s a lot of online advice telling you how to engage with Millenials. Do you build relationships? Give feedback? Offer flexible working hours? Gamify learning? Get that football table? According to this article, the answer is no.

The Four Team Building Trends of 2018What are the big trends that have taken over 2018? Great teams are comprised of motivated, recognized employees. Follow these trends to stay in-the-know about the technologies and best practices for creating employee experiences that enable teamwork and foster a strong company culture.

From CultureNext:

3 Behavioral Science Principles That Drive Recognition Results [Infographic] Behavioral science is a hot topic these days, but it’s always been with us. Check out our new infographic for 3 examples of how the science behind recognition has paid off for our clients.

4th Annual Employee Engagement Awards (EE Awards) Are Just Around the Corner — Maritz Motivation Solutions proudly sponsors this June 7th conference, which will inspire and educate people to remake the way organizations think about and engage people to achieve their purpose. You can purchase tickets now using coupon code “MARITZ” for 50% off. There will be a panel session entitled, “PeopleScience Table Talk: Want to Spark More Innovation? Give Employees the Gift of Time.” The panel will include Jeff Kreisler (editor, PeopleScience), Darren Levine, (manager, Innovation and Research Unit, Commissioner’s Office, Regional Municipality of Durham, Ontario, Canada), Ashley Whillans, Ph.D. (assistant professor of business administration, Harvard Business School) and Charlotte Blank (chief behavioral officer, Maritz). The Employee Engagement Awards provides an independent platform to recognize excellence in engagement that inspires action and drives the industry and the employee experience forward.

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