A next-generation employee experience solution.

Drive participation right off the bat with a highly personalized and social recognition experience that shares successes, creates connections and forms bonds across your entire organization.

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Shape behavior and reinforce values with recognition and rewards.

Every organization claims its people are its greatest asset. Not all follow through.

The Maritz EX platform provides your employees an environment where they can flourish by defining meaningful work, fostering relationships, providing targeted feedback and living out the company mission, every day.

Easy for participants, easy for administrators.

A recognition platform that’s easy to use, gets used. Maritz EX is an intuitive, full-service platform built specifically to work with your existing systems. It spans programs, surveys, measurement and admin and manager reports, rather than a flurry of unrelated exercises producing incompatible data and unquantified results.

A platform grounded in behavioral science.

For more than 75 years, we’ve been in the business of figuring out what makes people tick. Our platform is built on a foundation of applied behavioral science principles and insights, linking recognition to culture to performance to customer experience to business results. Here’s how it works.

A robust program portfolio.

One size almost never fits all, especially with a workforce that may be spread all over the world. Instead, Maritz EX offers a wide variety of program options, allowing you to connect each employee’s talents and accomplishments to specific organizational values and goals. Built-in translations turn a global organization into a local one.

  • Peer to peer
  • Service anniversary
  • Ecard recognition
  • Sales
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Operational excellence
  • Wellbeing
  • Top performer
  • On the spot
  • Innovation
  • Safety
Applied Behavioral Science Principles
Symbolic Rituals and Rewards
Cues to which behaviors are valued and rewarded
Increased positive emotions, feelings of confidence and self-worth
Progress Feedback
Primary driver of job satisfaction
Peak Moments
Memorable periods of joy spur desire to repeat

Personalizing your workplace, one employee at a time.

Each employee has the potential to drive lasting change, large and small. Our programs inspire individuals to grow personally and professionally, create performance conversations and take ownership of their company’s success, in the ways that suit them best.

Individual Social Profiles

Personal preferences to tailor the platform experience

Personal Network

Filter companywide activity to include only closest connections

Recognition Preferences

Public or private? Employees share how they like being recognized

Recognition Engagement Score

How employees are engaging with the platform at a glance

Applied Behavioral Science Principles
More choice elevates effort and enjoyment
Shared Identity
Common values and ideals bond employees to organization

The social life of recognition.

Humans are innately social creatures, and that certainly includes work. The Maritz EX platform makes it easy to form bonds and sustain connections with coworkers, the very essence of the employee experience.

Liking and Commenting

Employees share in each other’s success and appreciation by liking recognitions and adding personal words of praise


Elevate success by giving managers the opportunity to add points to recognitions

Worldwide Recognition Calendar

Reinforce your culture by celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, holidays and corporate events

Applied Behavioral Science Principles
Social Rewards
Human connections contribute to satisfaction, commitment and engagement
Social Proof
Observing behavior confirms employee’s own sense of belonging
Emotional Contagion
Positive emotions spread to boost performance and collaboration
Reinforce feelings of empathy and support

A global approach to the reward experience.

A reward can only offer the motivational value your recipient is willing to give it. The Maritz EX Reward Collection offers a vast selection of culturally relevant rewards so that each employee can select items with personal meaning, wherever they are.

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