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At Maritz EX, we don’t believe in winding up a solution and walking away. Partnership is an idea we take very seriously. We’ll work with you from evaluation through strategy through design through implementation and all the way afterwards, frequently assessing and auditing progress, to ensure that your company gets the employee experience and business value you need.


Assess the value of your current employee programs against your cultural and business objectives.

Program Audit
Employee Experience Assessment
Employee Experience Monitoring

Program Audit

Determine if your employee programs are providing the benefit and value you expected. Receive recommendations for improving your program effectiveness, based on your Employee Experience Strategy and organizational goals.

What’s included

  • Data analysis and audit of your program, using our proprietary Program Excellence criteria
  • Comprehensive recommendations brief, including suggested program ROI and engagement lever enhancements

Employee Experience Assessment

Gain visibility into the most important levers for driving necessary employee behaviors to support your organization’s purpose, mission, values and business outcomes.

What’s included

  • Executive and manager stakeholder interviews
  • Qualitative and quantitative employee feedback through observations, surveys and interviews
  • As-is experience map to identify “moments that matter” within the employee lifecycle
  • Comprehensive brief, including key experience themes, barriers and frictions, gaps, opportunities, change triggers and program recommendations

Employee Experience Monitoring

Elicit actionable and frequent feedback from employees at every stage of the employee lifecycle. Learn more.

What’s included

  • Employee Lifecycle Surveys
  • Fast Track Employee Engagement Survey
  • Engagement Potential IndexTM


Plan the strategies that prepare you to transform your employee experience.

Employee Experience Strategy
Employee Visioning Lab
Change Management Toolkit

Employee Experience Strategy

Build a comprehensive employee experience strategy to attract top talent, drive engagement and productivity, and retain the employees most critical to your organization’s success.

What’s included

  • To-be employee experience vision
  • Success criteria definition
  • Measurement scorecard
  • Behavioral matrix

Employee Visioning Lab

Envision a future-state employee experience based on insights and “moments that matter” derived from prior research or your Employee Experience evaluation in interactive, co-designed labs with a group of cross-functional leaders and stakeholders.

What’s included

  • To-be employee experience model
  • Change management framework

Change Management Toolkit

Drive enterprise transformation through communication, business readiness, training and support of workforce/talent planning.

What’s included

  • Communication and stakeholder engagement
  • Change impact and business readiness
  • Training strategy
  • Change measurement/change scorecard


Create the programs that fit your unique business.

Design Labs

Collaborate with a certified design practitioner or master designer to develop incentive programs that engage and motivate your employees to adopt behaviors that support your company purpose and cultural goals.

What’s included

  • Program design
  • Program charter
  • Activation roadmap for program governance, launch and monitoring

Decision Sciences

After years of promise, advanced analytics and artificial intelligence are opening the door to a new generation of tools, services and modeling methodologies. Our team of advanced data and decision scientists works to provide actionable, predictive insights to structure your program design and track the success of your employee experience efforts.

  • Make data-driven strategic decisions
  • Learn to drive incremental value, rather than reward expected behavior
  • Calculate program ROI, using a variety of data sources in
    combination with machine learning methods
  • Predict flight risk using historical data retention modeling

A logical path to ROI

Recognition, Revenue, Retention and ROI

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Communication and Creative Services

Effective employee experience programs need to be effectively communicated to your employees. Cartwheel, our people-centric, full-service digital agency, employs powerful data and insights to design communications to drive participation and creatively connect with your people.

Thoughtful and careful design produces measurable results.

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