This Week in Employee Experience: December 10

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From Maritz Employee Experience (EX): 

Your Culture Under a Microscope: Diagnosis — In this guest blog article (the first in a three-part series), Mollie Lombardi, HR influencer and founder of the Aptitude Research Center, discusses workplace culture under a microscope. Part two will be published on Wednesday, Dec. 12. 

Your Patient Experience Will Never Exceed Your Employee Experience — Last month in San Diego, Maritz Loyalty leader Barry Kirk and Maritz EX leader Chris Dornfeld, had the opportunity to facilitate a conversation with a few dozen patient experience leaders from across the country. The discussion considered the numerous effects the shift to value-based healthcare is having on the healthcare employee experience. 

New On The HRX:  

Key Learnings OTransforming Leaders and Changing Culture — Often, the best way to help leaders or teams focus on realigning the organization’s culture with its vision, values and performance priorities is to reach into the recent past for insight, perspective and advice. 

From the Web:  

Improving Workplace Culture — S. Chris Edmonds is a speaker, author and executive consultant. He believes that we are in the midst of seismic change – in society and in business. In this three-minute episode of S. Chris Edmonds’ Culture Leadership Charge video series, Edmonds outlines how leaders must change how they influence others to leverage employee passions, creativity and productivity, no matter where they choose to work. You can find Edmonds’ Culture Leadership Charge episodes and more on his YouTube channel. Also read, Edmonds’ recent article, How to Get the C-Suite to Care About Culture.” 

How Recognition and Engagement Work in Tandem — While recognition sounds simple, it can get easily forgotten in the day-to-day whirlwind of business— and employers need it in order to boost employee happiness. 

To Boost Workplace Culture, Unleash Employee Curiosity — Once employees get over their initial hesitancy, getting them to ask questions can result in some of the most innovative initiatives your company will ever come up with – and your whole organization will reap the benefits. 

Secrets For a Successful Employee Experience Framework — The complexities of formulating a good employee experience strategy can be intimidating. Here are five tips to ease the process of establishing a great employee workplace. 

The World Cup & Business: A High-Performing Win

Like the 2018 FIFA World Cup™ victors, employees, too, can win for their companies when they are united by a clearly-defined purpose and use teamwork to collaborate.

As Andrew Das points out in the New York Times, France’s team “will be remembered for what it was: a team of exceptional talent and ruthless efficiency, a group in which every player knew his job and performed it flawlessly.”  Each of France’s players utilized their talents, performing their best to achieve victory. Like Paul Podgba advancing the ball 153 meters and making the goal, the individual actions of each player combined to make the difference and get the win.

Although winning thanks to teamwork is not as sensational a story as one player swooping in to claim victory for the rest, the truth is that teams like France win because its players played well together. They play well because they have a shared purpose. In business, purpose is an essential element to achieving results. In one study, 57 percent of employees polled said “meaningful work” made the strongest contribution to their positive feelings about their work. Ultimately, everyone wants to know their work makes a difference — to the team, the organization, the community, and even the world.

Your business must make sure its teams are aligned before attempting to win any championships. You can ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Does your organization make it easy for employees to connect to a greater purpose in their work?
  2. Does your mission statement have life?
  3. How do people within your organization live up to company values?
  4. Is there a strong sense of social responsibility with support from leadership and commitment throughout your organization?

97 percent  of employees and executives believe lack of alignment within a team impacts the outcome of a task or project. When employees know the objectives, and how their work contributes to the completion of those objectives, then alignment can be realized.

If you want to see your individual employees come together to build a results-driven team that wins, you must make work more collaborative and communicate more effectively.

This Week in Employee Engagement: December 8, 2017

The utter explosion of digital content presents countless opportunities for learning. Start here to narrow down your search each week in the often overwhelming landscape of employee engagement thought leadership!

What We’re Reading This Week:

Nearly Half of Your Hourly Workers are Ready to Leave Unless You Make These Changes — In a recent study of more than 2,000 U.S. hourly job-seekers and workers, 89 percent of respondents were actively looking for a new or additional job. Nearly half wanted to leave their current job for a new one. In this article from career expert Heather Huhman, learn three steps employers can take to show hourly workers they are valued in the organization.

How a Flexible Work Culture Works for Everyone — While flexibility was claimed to be a demand of Millennial workers, it’s becoming more clear that flexible schedules are desired by all generations. Supporting flexibility at work can help your organization attract and retain top talent as well as improve productivity and engagement. Learn more in this article from Forbes.

Intuit’s Diverse Team: Different Perspectives, Same Great Experience at Work — Intuit has made diversity a top priority, and as a result, has seen culture and engagement impacted. In this article from Great Place to Work, discover how Intuit is approaching diversity and inclusion differently — and how it’s impacting the organization for the better.

Make Work Meaningful for Freelancers, Too — The gig economy is alive and well — and engaging gig and freelance workers remains an interesting challenge. How can freelancers be more involved and included in culture initiatives and meaningful work? In this article from Harvard Business Review, the authors suggest to ask the conditions for getting one’s best work done before the job begins, provide opportunities for job sculpting, and offering frequent feedback can go a long way.

From CultureNext:

Tickets for the North American Employee Engagement Awards are Now on Sale — The Employee Engagement Awards offer a unique opportunity to reward innovation in engagement each year. Join us in Chicago at the 2018 EE Awards, tickets have just gone on sale! Early bird ticket sales are 75 percent off.

ICYMI! Webinar On Demand: The Current State of Employee Engagement – Three Primary Challenges Facing the Industry — HR professionals have reached and passed the point where simple recognition and reward could be considered true employee engagement. Today, a more mature and complex industry faces significant obstacles to creating a culture of purpose and extracting and analyzing the meaningful data needed to maintain it. Learn the three key challenges facing employee engagement today and useful approaches for constructing a comprehensive, new-generation, data-driven, and outcomes-based solution in this free, recorded webinar.

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