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This Week in Employee Engagement: July 16, 2018

Here’s our weekly roundup series to help you stay connected to the often overwhelming landscape of employee experience and engagement thought leadership. Start here to narrow down your search each week!  

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What We’re Listening to This Week:

Attract, Engage and Retain Customers and Employees — Jesse Wolfersberger, Chief Data Officer at Maritz Motivation Solutions, was featured in FutureTech Podcast. Jesse talks about attracting, engaging and retaining customers and employees.  

 What We’re Reading This Week:

4 Strategies Every Company Needs to Implement for Both Employee And Customer Experience  — Why is it that in some companies’ employees are willing to go above and beyond to deliver superior customer experiences, and in other companies, employees couldn’t be more apathetic? It’s because when organizations invest in employee experiences it unlocks their discretionary effort to create great experiences for their, and your, customers.

Building a High-performing Organizational Culture — Creating a truly unique employee experience includes using software to communicate, support employee progress and make employee recognition and appreciation a daily activity. By celebrating all wins—both big and small—visibly for the whole company to see, team communication is increased, and company-wide morale is boosted 

Employee Engagement Requires an Authentic Contract with Leadership: Two standout cases in Energy and Insurance  — How do the best companies develop employee engagement? What sets the best, most inspiring engagement programs apart from lackluster lip service? This article analyzes a short list of case studies, taken from six Fortune 500 companies, so that we can answer these questions. The results are inspiring. 

What Does it Take to Be One of the 100 Companies to Work For?  — What type of work experience is considered “great” by employees? When Fortune began compiling their list 20 years ago, they discovered something powerful. The same qualities employees report made a great workplace—trust, pride, camaraderie, culture—also fuel business performance.  

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