This Week in Employee Experience: December 17

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From Maritz Employee Experience (EX): 

Your Culture Under a Microscope: Align  — In this guest blog article (the second in a three-part series), Mollie Lombardi, HR influencer and founder of the Aptitude Research Center, discusses workplace culture under a microscope. Part three will be published on Tuesday, Dec. 18. 

New On The HRX:  

Five Ways to Tackle Bias ithe Workplace— When it comes to influencing how people act toward one another in the workplace, behavioral science gives us a general rule of thumb: Information doesn’t change behavior. Charlotte Blank, Maritz Chief Behavioral 

From the Web:  

6 Ways to Keep Employees Engaged During the Holiday Season — It can be hard in the workplace to balance a festive atmosphere with simultaneously keeping employees focused and productive. One recent study found that employee productivity drops by more than 50% around the holidays. What can we do to keep employees engaged when there are so many distractions? 

Personality Based Engagement: Tips and Tricks on Meeting an Employee’s Individual Needs — Engage with employees on their personality wavelength. Tailored employee engagement can help your employees feel more important and in tune with your company as well as lead to increased performance and better retention rates. 

12 Signs Your Employee Is Disengaged (And How To Respond) — It’s important to recognize the signs of employee disengagement as early as possible so that effective action can reverse the trend. In this article, 12 members of Forbes’ Human Resources Council share the signs of disengagement team leaders and HR need to watch for, as well as some tips on how to respond. 

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