This Week in Employee Experience: January 7

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From Maritz Employee Experience (EX): 

12 Employee Experience New Year’s Resolutions Managers Can Actually Follow Through On — Not every resolution has to contemplate epic personal change. Your work life is much easier to navigate. With that in mind, here are 12 actually keep-able New Year’s resolutions that any manager can use to improve their team’s employee experience in 2019. They’re easy, because instead of expecting you to move (and keep moving) mountains, they only ask that you take a slightly different perspective on yourself and your team.  

New On The HRX:  

How to Get Your C-suite To Care About Culture — How can HR professionals help C-suite leaders care about culture? Or, even better, help senior leaders proactively engage in culture management? 

From the Web:  

The Cost Of Employee Disengagement In The Age Of The Customer — It can be hard in the workplace to balance a festive atmosphere with simultaneously keeping employees focused and productive. One recent study found that employee productivity drops by more than 50% around the holidays. What can we do to keep employees engaged when there are so many distractions?  

AI Is Coming — And HR Is Not Prepared — Employees need AI skills to thrive in the future, but they have little faith that HR will help them get there. 

It All Comes Down to Employee Experience — There is ample evidence that improving employee experience leads to better business results. Briefly, firms that improve employee experience find that they get better wok performance and more discretionary efforts form employees. Discretionary effort makes companies more effective and efficient, according to this study published in Harvard Business Review.  

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