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This Week in Employee Experience: November 19, 2018

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From Maritz Employee Experience: 

When Slower is Faster: Considerations for Hiring for Cultural Fit – For the past quarter-century, American businesses have expended untold amounts of time and money trying to engage their employees and build a company culture on a foundation of core values and beliefs, attempting to drive passion, purpose and commitment. It takes such a concerted effort, because there’s no magic button to push for obtaining a culture where employees are focused, committed and intending to stick around for a long time. Building and maintaining a vibrant culture isn’t something you do can once and walk away from, unless you define once as “continually.”  

7 Last-minute Ideas for celebrating Thanksgiving In The Office – There are many ways to show your team you are grateful for the work that they put in all year round, but if you’ve caught the holiday spirit and want to share some last-minute festivities with your team, here are a few ideas for office celebrations that can be pulled off with little planning. This article gives you seven ways you can celebrate Thanksgiving in your office. 

New On The HRX:

3 Simple Ways to Leverage Social Proof and Attract Top Talent With Social Media – The concept of social proof is an age-old marketing tactic. It’s used by companies to ease the worries and build trust with consumers making them a trusted brand. It does this by speaking the language of their audience, using visuals and providing evidence to show credibility. Social proof has since expanded outside of the hands of marketing as the new generation takes over the workforce. 

From the Web:  

Does Your Employee Experience Strategy Improve Performance? – Being able to attract and keep the best people — people who are innovative, adaptable and motivated — has become a competitive differentiator for the best organizations.

Can AI Keep the ‘Human’ In HR? – Although artificial intelligence (AI) has become somewhat of an industry buzzword, there’s no denying that the technology is significantly transforming businesses. Despite the obvious benefits that AI can bring, there is real concern that the technology poses a threat to job roles such as HR managers. Learn more about AI’s impact on HR in this article.  

Measuring, Meeting and Succeeding at Employee Engagement – I recently moderated a panel for the Philadelphia Chapter of Association of Legal Administrators on how employers can measure, meet and succeed when it comes to employee engagement. The panel was engaging (pun intended) and full of information on why, as employers, we can’t seem to stop talking about employee satisfaction and engagement 

Keep an Eye Out for These Three Hospitality Technology Trends in 2019 – This article goes into depth regarding tech in the hospitality industry. To find the part that is employee focused, scroll to about the third section, “Employee-Focused Technology.” While hoteliers contemplate testing guest-facing services like texting, tablets and AI, another 2019 trend will focus on the other side of the hotel experience: the staff. While hotel technology advancements have primarily been designed for management or guests, it’s about time technology catches up with what hoteliers have always known: a happy staff makes for a happy guest.  

The Employee Engagement Crisis: How to Fix It In Your Organization – Sometimes people get corporate culture and employee experience confused, but they are really very different things. Companies talk a lot about corporate culture, especially when they’re recruiting top talent in a highly competitive job market or writing copy for their websites. But sometimes talking the talk about culture and employee experience is different than walking the walk. How are they different? Listen to this #FutureOfWork Talk with Shelley Kramer, serial entrepreneur, business strategist, nationally known speaker and technology expert. 

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